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Lucifer and Jesus, the Morning Star

November 26, 2014
By ichabod
Lucifer and Jesus, the Morning Star

I promised myself I would shy away from religious posts as I still struggle with a lot of it myself at times.  A friend I have known for over forty years sends me links to Christian materials.  I reminded him a couple of days ago my thought process and the Nicene Creed did not coincide.  Unfortunately he, like so many others believe the bible is the word of God and will not entertain anything that causes his belief to be questioned.

Sometimes it is just frustrating.  I can listen to them and as long as I do not challenge everything is OK.  If I attempt to discuss my views on how I interpret something I am told I am taking it out of context or I should study more.

Something popped out at me a day or two ago and it just started working in my brain now.

The Morning Star.

I checked it out.

The Latin name of the Morning Star has been given to Lucifer in Christian tradition

Jesus is described as “the bright morning star” in Revelation 22:16

In reading the references I discovered I was not the only one who noticed how the morning star was used to describe both Jesus and Lucifer.  If I understand the information correctly it is a matter of translation which has been adjusted through the centuries, but I don’t always buy that either.  Sometimes words are formulated without any thought process if there is precedence to the word in language or culture.

In any case, this can be more confusing the deeper one chooses to look.

Maybe it is meant to be for us to never know for sure, otherwise after thousands of years we may have a better handle on God than what is provided to us.  If I would have known that when I was young I may not have spent so much thought on these things.  Who knows?

Things like Morning Star just muddles everything, doesn’t it?

It would be nice if faith was like mathematics, one plus one equals two, at least in this dimension, I think. :)





Beyond Stupid

November 26, 2014
By ichabod

I just finished reading Bouzouki’s post Being Stupid.  He brings up some valid points and after thinking about it discover my thoughts are very similar to his.

So where does it bring us, the not so young but experienced veterans in this game called life?  We realize we are no smarter than some, maybe smarter in some things than others, and fed with so much information we do not know who or what to believe in any more.

A little bit scary isn’t it?  Like trying to walk up a steep ice covered sidewalk, slipping and sliding, hope we don’t tumble and break a bone, but for some reason need to reach the top.

Stupid is not really the word for it, ludicrous may be a more apt term.

Tonight I was trying to get a handle on the same topic that Bouzouki wrote about.  A good many years ago someone wrote a book outlying ten commandments the book stated God passed down to humanity or at least those who were on the forty year escape route from the Egyptians.   Many in the human race, myself included, believe there is validity to these commandments.  Usually when one of these ‘rules’ are ignored or transgressed a spiritual disturbance shakes life forces.  A person doesn’t have to be intelligent and many people not so smart can comprehend these rules.  Whether we choose to follow them or not is our choice.  Having broke many of them in my life, I realize following them is so much more calming.  Who needs the ‘other side’?

It really doesn’t matter if we read the book or not, I think most of us have these ‘rules’ stored in our DNA.  It helps explain why people never exposed to the Abrahamic religions have similar morals.

In today’s day and age we have truckloads of laws created by stupid and not so stupid humans.  All these laws are not necessary if we could just follow the original ten, but as I discovered and I am sure others found out, they are not always easy to adhere to when the temptations of life come knocking at our doors.

My opinion, and it is only my opinion, those who attempt to trivialize or relegate these commandments as worthless are beyond stupid.  They are playing with something they do not understand, but is nevertheless important to the state of being…

Anyway, that is my take on it for whatever it is worth.

Being Stupid

November 25, 2014
By bouzouki

Confusion stalks me as I try making sense of the world.  Even the words that are uttered by so many are either parroting or pretending, perhaps lying, either that, or I am stupid.

Lacking normal intelligence, or understanding.

Now, I do see things differently, and often I notice my lack of “normal”, my intelligence and understanding  fails to coincide with what is called the “New Normal”, or “Mainstream”, although I continue to live on this planet, with the limits that constrain a “normal” human body, especially one suffering an invasion of pathogens, probably initially a virus, but now more like the stubborn invasion of my head seven years ago.  It is dangerous to have a bacteria stun you so badly that none of your former defenses can help.  To be incapacitated, held hostage to an invading force that, once defeated, may allow other pathogens to enter in the fray.

The world is full of  stunned, and dulled, humanity.  We might know and understand that others lack information, we could be privy to that information, but lack another important fact.  Mostly, if facts are contrary to our values, we will ignore the fact.  If values are threatened, we may act defensively.  If we feel threatened enough, we act as if we are sick, fighting off the invasion.

I have worked with very stupid people, incapable of doing much for themselves, and incapable of learning.  it is frightening to think how many people live with below-normal intelligence.  I realize that intelligence is not the only factor in the way humans deal with information, and in the way that abstractions and values govern our approach to other humans, intelligence is useful.  if you have average intelligence, about half of the population is not as smart as you.

When I consider that most of the information I get is not fact, and most of the terms I hear are from current usage, so that the meanings have been corrupted to fit narratives that are opinions and values, I find I am struck dumb in the face of the amount of propaganda and lies.  We are all stupid in this context, unless we happen to be in the event, in the circumstance being noted.  And then we know nothing about what is happening elsewhere.

We do get some facts, and we can seek more, but we can also limit ourselves to what facts we want to know.  To be willfully ignorant may not be stupid, but they often appear to be similar.

God has a Twitter Account :)

November 24, 2014
By ichabod

Apparently Mike Brown was shot and killed by social media.

God made an announcement about Ferguson.

God@TheTweetOfGod didn’t go into detail describing himself (picture is of an older guy with a beard) as to what kind or which God he be, but apparently he has a sense of humor or takes himself too seriously.

In some ways the situation in Ferguson and God’s tweet are related.  They both illustrate a people’s dissatisfaction with something in their lives.  In Ferguson it is about justice and God’s tweet, I do not know.

I think I’ll just ignore both.

An Elderly Shepherd

November 24, 2014
By ichabod
An Elderly Shepherd

When I was living on the ranch in Mexico, an old man with his two sons came to visit.  They wanted to graze their sheep on the ranch in return for a few lambs for a specified period of time.

A few days later they herded their sheep to the ranch.  The old man basically tended to the sheep as it was the only source of income for he and his wife.  To our first world eyes, he was dirt poor.  The family depended on horses or walking for transportation.  They lived like they pretty much did centuries ago.

I used to watch them and when he walked by I would always greet him and shake his hand, treated him with respect.

I was criticized for the way I treated the elderly shepherd by a neighbor who believed that the class of people the shepherd belonged to wasn’t worthy to be acknowledged as being equal, therefore he should be treated more like a ‘servant’.

I didn’t change the way I treated the shepherd.  He was an honest man, had simple needs and it looked like the bonds within his family was strong.  I later discovered the neighbor’s motives were not of the same quality as the shepherd’s.

The neighbor had a nice home, vehicles, a university degree.  Yet he was missing something the old shepherd possessed.

I see the same disparity with people in the developed countries.

Personally, I would rather have what the shepherd had than what the neighbor possessed.  Others may not agree, but I always held to the belief there is more to life than meets the eye.  To me that is important, even though I do not have many answers, it doesn’t matter….

Fat Albert took a fall…

November 20, 2014
By ichabod
Fat Albert took a fall…

I first heard Bill Cosby telling a story about Noah building an Ark in his driveway, listening to his taunting neighbors who thought he was crazy.  A few years later Fat Albert and his antics came on the scene.  I was young but remember Noah and his Ark as depicted by Bill Cosby and laughing myself sick.

Bill Cosby had a talent that made him a lot of money through the years.  I am not naive, expecting perfection knowing well no one is perfect, however he seemed to fit a certain role, now he is accused by 13 or so women for being less than virtuous and more in line with being a rapist.

I am not a judge, and although disappointed in what I am reading about Bill Cosby’s alleged acts, I am wondering why it is all hitting the news now.

Thirteen women are coming out claiming crimes which occurred almost 40 years ago?  Bill Cosby was once reported as having earned $85 million a year, which makes him prime lawsuit pickings.

Maybe the women are truly victims, maybe not.

Maybe Cosby is a monster, maybe not.

However his image is not unaffected. Damage is done.

We often discuss Karma and the Ethic of Reciprocity here.  Bill Cosby is a good example that past actions, if true, have a way of coming back to haunt.  It happens to everyone.





November 19, 2014
By bouzouki

There is a fencepost, a remnant of our backyard fence, with a bolt hole that I can see when I sit in one spot at my kitchen table.  I can see through the post, even though it is about 3/8 of an inch.  I saw it a few years ago while I ate a meal.  If you came here I could show it to you.

When I see the hole, that sensation sets off a combination of thoughts, different each time, that usually takes me into a mental exploration of whatever mix of information is clamoring for attention in my mind.  I might be rational, or mystical, metaphoric, euphoric, depressed, tired, happy, confused, or otherwise occupied and seeing that hole changes my view of the whole.

These days, (Jackson Brown song), I have been slowly working on reading a book about dark matter.  So far, I don’t know anything about it other than it is present and we know little about it.  I find it amazing and fascinating to consider things beyond, or surrounding this tiny planet circling a star that is spinning around a galactic center surrounded by galaxies, etc.  Or to consider matter from Hydrogen stars imploding and creating elements made of atomic structures of tinier stuff, and the Quantum concepts that may bind all this together.

Humans have discovered a huge amount of information about elements, their chemistry and physics, and we have used that information to rearrange how we live on the planet, and we don’t want to have to change that living arrangement, even if we push the biologic systems to a point where we have to change how we live.  I can write this, and you may deny it, but it is like the place where I can see the hole, it is there if you look right through it.

That hole also reminds me of the space inside our minds where reason and logic cannot go.  It is the bedrock of belief, faith, and it breeds a certainty that we often bolster with sacred texts, or we use our opinions and biases as the starting point from which we dare not waver.  That is like believing in a Big Guy sitting on a Throne of Heaven, or believing in a Free Market that fixes all our material wants, or a political system based on”…nasty, brutish, and short…” or “democracy”, or theocratic rulers, or money, all of which refuse to admit there is a hole, a black hole deep in the basis of our belief.  It could be that the discomfort of seeing the hole is such that we would all contort ourselves to avoid looking for the hole in our belief.  We could kill, intimidate, or otherwise force others into agreeing that there is no hole, no distortion in the way we hold tightly to a lifestyle that ignores anything outside the comfort zone, no matter the amount of energy it takes to maintain it.

It is dark and empty in most of the universe, except that dark matter is present.  It is dark and empty when you first sit, silent inside, no jabbering mind to keep the illusion intact, taking a breath and exhaling.  There is a constant din, in the world of humans, trying to shut out the places one might see through the hole.  We may revere someone that can effectively show us something beyond our reason and our senses, or we may rather want to kill them for showing the hole.

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