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Leader of the Moral World

October 30, 2014
By ichabod

The title of this post are not my words, they are of Paul Craig Roberts

I have been watching Putin and his government since last year.  Unfortunately most of the Western media are out to sink Putin and try to belittle him at every opportunity as does the current resident in the White House.

When Putin talks he makes sense.  He seems concerned for people, does not want them to suffer the consequences of battle or its side effects.

From what I read, he seems to be honest, does not frighten easily.

Surprising how many Americans have stated they would rather have a leader like Putin the what they have been laden with for the last few decades.

There are those who refuse to believe anything except that Putin is Evil Incarnate.

Time will tell.


One Day in the future, governments will fall…..

October 29, 2014
By ichabod
One Day in the future, governments will fall…..

I am sure it will be ugly.  There will be many who fall, governments and citizens.

The story is the same, but much more subtle than in the past for governments have the help of technology, but technology is not the culprit.

It is the brainwashed minds and morals of those who are in control, those that ‘lead’ and I use the term ‘lead’ with contempt.

Why?  You may ask.  Isn’t life good?  We are ‘protected’, have social programs and free stuff.  We do not even have to work in fields anymore, they brought us above the menial.

Too much is coming to light, even with the repression of real news by the media.

Every one of us is a peon with no rights, no freedoms.  The home you paid for is not really yours.  The government is ‘kind’ enough to let you live there as long as you pay usury.

Why are we going cashless?  Why are we now charged by a retailer and some financial institution to spend our money?  Why is it anyone’s business if I buy heat lamps?  Does it ever occur to .gov I may not be growing anything illegally?

Why does it cost more than most of us can bear to defend ourselves if we are apprehended or want our seized possessions back in a timely manner of heaven forbid we are charged with a crime we did not commit?

Why am I forced to pay for wars or programs or high wage civil servants I do not agree with?

Why does my government representative ignore me when I call for help?

Why are codified ‘rights’ and ‘freedoms’ ignored in this world by those who are elected to see they are upheld?

Why do schools need metal detectors and armed guards?  In my uncivilized youth there was no need for this.

Why is starting business discouraged, focus is all about ‘careers’, high priced and worthless degrees?

Why can’t women stay at home and look after the young?  Why does state tell us how and when to parent?

Why do we put up with all this bullshit?

I am in the November/December of my life.  I do not want my children to be slaves of this system, where cash is scorned, debt and credit ratings are honored and kow tow is name of the game.


Thoughts From The Margin

October 27, 2014
By bouzouki

It is falling around here, leave and limb in stately fashion, colored brightly for the occasion.  My event of note is the new compost pile, full of tomato plants, chicken manure, and the organic debris that will become food for soil.  I lashed together a tripod to hold the netting above my chicken coop, keeping other out, and allowing me to stand inside.

I think of you Ichabod, looking at your choices, considering movement and warmth.  I spent three separate days up on a mountain, gathering firewood from the remains of a wildfire three or four years ago, with the intention of being warm for the next five months.

I am watching a race of leaves sprinting along the road in front of my house.  The gusts of wind have kept today about ten degrees cooler than yesterday.  That means it is time to pick up all the hoses I have to irrigate this ground I inhabit.  The water applied to the ground allowed me to put enough tomatoes in jars to last until next year’s tomatoes are ripe, and probably more.

My world is rich in these simple experiences and the beauty of the days is different than my observations of the human condition.  People dying in poverty, fighting disease, war, and more.  Most religions don’t mind killing as long as it is not murder, nor stealing, when stealing is written into law.  I can’t fix any of it, but I can go walk by the river, see who has flown in over the last few days, watch and listen to moving water, and thank it for its part in allowing me to be here.

It is Beneath Me.

October 26, 2014
By ichabod
It is Beneath Me.

I half read the following:

Elon Musk has a point, one which we should not brush aside too lightly.

Hardware and software are capable of doing much, we see that in the way the world has changed.  Particularly so in the last 15 years.

Software is only as good as the designers and the rules they implement in the code, including that of artificial intelligence.  Too many humans are now addicted to technology and no longer use their brains as much as their ancestors.

Computers can beat humans in so many things now, including games such as chess.

However computers are not live.  They are not life.  They are not and never will be superior to a mortal.  They are emotionless, even if your smart phone gives you a smart ass answer, it is programmed in, your smart phone doesn’t feel.

However, artificial intelligence can make life hell for mortals if the capability is built in.  Often times creators of ground breaking technology regret having had a part in its creation when used for the wrong purpose, like atom bombs for example.

I don’t want to be having a conversation with a computer.  It is beneath me.

I don’t want to get emotionally attached to anything technological. It is beneath me.

Musk was right in using the word Demon.

The definition of daemon or fiend, is a supernatural, often malevolent being prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, fiction, mythology and folklore.

Many people may not believe in supernatural or malevolent forces.  I do as I see it in the world.  I do not consider myself as delusional or believing in fairy tales.  However there is more to this life than meets the eye, of that I am convinced.  Do I have scientific evidence of this?


That is the beauty of what I think.  I don’t need mankind’s scientific evidence, just my own experiences…..



October 26, 2014
By ichabod

Today I was offered a nice country home to live in for the winter while the owner goes to Hawaii for 6 months.  My cost is minimal to stay, I couldn’t find a dump of an apartment in a local city for what it would cost.

Yet I am balking.

I live in a small motor home which I bought a few months ago and have been working to improve since I got it.  It was safety certified a week ago and I will be registering it in a week or two.  I don’t know yet how I would make it through the harsh winter in it, but I was prepared to take on old man winter.

I really do not know if I want the house or not, I am almost tempted to get out with my motor home and live on the left coast.  Maybe I am tired of homes.  Maybe too many changes the last few years.

Still trying to get a handle on my feeling on this.  My mind tells me it is a good thing.  My emotions are really mixed on it.

Maybe I am just tired.  It is weird.


Our Other Minds

October 25, 2014
By ichabod
Our Other Minds

I was thinking about my mind.  It is like my hair, wavy.  I was never the type of fellow who could comb his hair and it would stay that way.

My brain is the same way, doesn’t like to follow the rules.  I am used to it.

It does some things not so well and other things, I just don’t know.

On extremely complex issues, my brain plays with it and at the oddest times comes up with an answer that works.  On simple things, I have to struggle through.

I prefer simplicity.

I am a programmer.  There are times late at night, I am confronted with a complex task and something in my brain goes to work and the task gets accomplished.  What is weird about it is, it seems to be ahead of my conscious thoughts and working behind the scenes directing my fingers.  Often times, much to my surprise, it works.  A week later I look at the code, doubting whether I could pull that off again.

Then there are times I am confronted with something about as simple as 1 + 1 = 2 and my mind seems to go on vacation, probably not challenging enough I suppose.

In thinking about this post, one part of my brain is writing about another part of my mind as if it was a separate entity, yet coexisting.  Almost like two minds in one head.

I like my brain and its friend, my mind.

I do not know whether the above makes sense to you but explains a lot to me now that I think about it.  For example, have you ever had an issue with your conscience?  It is like arguing with yourself, isn’t it?

Which brain is arguing with what?

What is that other mind we tap into?

We spend so much time with the physical, we may be ignoring the most important powerhouse that is.

Our other mind.



October 24, 2014
By ichabod

I passed the fence and walked along the path between the mounds and stones.  The place was peace for me.

My ears picked up a sound, of strings.  Not here, I thought.  I followed the waves and saw a pile of fresh earth beside a rectangle shaped hole.

A young fellow was plucking away on something I hadn’t seen before.  He was lost in the intensity of his music.  As he raised his head he spotted me and abruptly stopped.

“How you doin?” I asked.

“Not bad, and you?”

“Pretty good.  What’s that?”  I pointed to the instrument in his hands.

He looked at it and at me, ” this is a Bouzouki.”

“Got a really good sound, I like the way you play it.”


“You work here or visiting,” I asked.

“I dig them, they bury them,” he answered, “and you?”

“These places bring me peace.  It may sound weird, but it is not a place where crowds usually come to and it is green, ” I smiled as it sounded kind of strange to my ears.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

Then the fingers danced on the strings of the strange instrument bringing forth a soft melody…..


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