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Generally Unique

August 17, 2014
By bouzouki

I remember a Generalist Test from Co-evolution Quarterly or the next magazine in that line.  The questions crossed areas of study in ways that required a working knowledge of history, chemistry, math, more sciences, engineering, social and psychological, and philosophical, literature and cosmology, and practical experience.  Who might know enough?  What information will you need to know?  Reading from a computer, access to internet and all, (most), some, information is available, but not always what you need.  And you have to know what you are looking for, the correct words are necessary, and I don’t always have that available.  And often the information came from a specialist.

I have been reading a book about Oxygen, struggling through the chemistry, but getting enough to think about this planet in time.  The years reach back through times of low oxygen in the atmosphere, ocean debris sinks and is sub ducted and pushed into mountains.  My time fantasy is stretched beyond my simplistic notions.  Creatures feeding at volcanic vents in the ocean and that lasts a long time.  Geologists have to go to Australia, southern Africa, Greenland,
Canada, looking for the old rocks.  The iron and sulfur, carbon and calcium, and he hasn’t really gotten to  the plants we see each day.  The leaves I have found in shale are a young ten million years old.  The helix of time and DNA.

Delving into information due to curiosity is work, but there’s always something to shake my chosen fantasy, taking a belief I hold and turning it over, showing the fault lines of the inevitable, having it collapse into rubble, and rebuilding a new conceptual edifice, to be encased for the moment.

When I read about present day events, the certainty of the truth of the speaker, the pictures, the claims of one side and counter claims, and knowing most people living today have no idea of life two centuries ago, or the extremes of human life and the strain on the natural resources taken to appease human “need”; I think the belief that this will continue unabated is faulty.  The easiest change is to reach some limit of a necessary resource, or to slip a toxin into the food or water change, like pollution, and rearrange the biologic systems.  The big animals are gone.  Now we are the big animal.


August 16, 2014
By bouzouki

I notice patterns, especially when I reset my mind to observe patterns without regard to the objects that I see and identify.  I can tell when I get into that mode, the world reaches into the magical qualities, and interesting patterns emerge.  Along the river, I can see the forces of the current creating lines of light/darkness, as the interplay of reflection, energy, and the different colors of the shoreline capture my eye.  At one point, I noticed the trees growing on the other side of the river obscured the houses on the rising bluffs on the other side of the river.  I stepped back  a few feet, and the houses were readily evident.

Patterns extending through time, and patterns of behavior of humans in different places are more difficult to examine, but can be examined with a computer, books, and museums.  then there is the narrative of the patterns.  War uniforms, the indigenous diorama, pictures of men in suits and hats in soup lines, pictures of prisoners, camps, pictures of bombed out buildings, body armor and guns, suddenly it could be anywhere, not the museum, but the street close to where you live, down the road to disaster, one kind or another.  A pattern in what we notice.  A pattern in what we ignore.  My senses, especially eyes and ears detect patterns that my mind enjoys discovering.  I like patterns unfolding without a reason other than my connecting mind, observing.

I am not as keen to detect patterns that mimic situations of the past, especially the human behavior patterns of abuse, neglect, depersonalization, and the good/evil  dualistic pattern superimposed on an amazing kaleidoscope that reality holds out to us, if we can see it.  There are distinctions of your individual model of “How things Really Are” and suddenly guns and swords are brandished or fired and reality is shattered by the earthquake, or tornado and a whole new pattern emerges, full of discord and damage.

We weigh our chances of it can’t happen here, moving or standing still, as each provides an answer at different times.  Just as I can see patterns, the probability of what comes next swings in a wide arc, not discernible to any simple narrative that what came before will be the same in the future.  We are stepping into uncharted territory that the patterns unfold in disturbing analogues of disagreements to guns, money and guns, the anarchy of wanton murder in disorganized militias, organized murder with larger guns, bombs, aircraft, and the personal touch of a suicide bomber, the disgruntled ex-employee, or your former lover.

The pattern of a tree above and below ground, the connections of the brain, and the watershed of the drainage of the river that flows nearby has an interesting sequence of lines and bubbles, where the water slows considerably, and the layers of rock and lines of colors, and the lines we draw between the stars, and what we model as the implications of those lines creates other patterns.


Old Fossils

August 10, 2014
By bouzouki

I have picked up fossils along long walks up dry canyons in the desert summer, fossils of rock encrusted sea creatures, shells in red surrounded by gray limestone, clams in shale, and bugs and leaves, and petrified wood pieces from long dead trees.  I have marveled at the sandstone sand dunes, looking much like the “live” sand dunes I have seen at the ocean, Sand Dunes National Park, and the sand dune creeping across the desert road in southern Utah.  I have floated through river-carved canyons and then driven across the top of the mesas that hold the sandstone, limestone, and miles of other rock beneath as I drive through rock formations of younger rock.  I believe that rock tells the story of the past.

I have a trilobite that I bought at a rock shop.  It is small, and I got it to remind me to hunt for one “out in the wild”, but while digging for fossils, I ran into a man that told me he had a chance to go where there are trilobites, but there is a mold there that will sprout in your lungs if you breathe it in.  I will go dig, somewhere, but I do not want it to kill me.

The fossils are the remains of life that lasted long after death.  Dinosaurs piling up around a stream-bed bend in a long ago river.  I walked along footprints of a very large beast on a layer of sandstone, tilted at an angle that screams silently, (this land and rock was once flat shoreline) and at the bottom of the slope, agate tree trunks stand out in the sandstone.

The side of a mountain near here slid into a drainage, taking three men and their pickup, burying them.  They might become fossils.  My friend that took me to many of these places and I talked about the moment those men knew, and the terror of a wall of dirt, 75 feet high, filling the canyon.  That is a way that fossils are formed, but not the only way.  the man that fell into a sinkhole may not get to be a fossil if the water table and life gets to his body first.

I picked up a piece of bone when I was a kid, carried it a long way back to the car and told my dad I wanted to keep it, looking at it in hopes that its secrets would open to me.  What essence of the animal is in the bone?  Is Soul and Spirit slightly attached to the bone?  How long…..?

It only took one….

August 7, 2014
By ichabod
It only took one….

My friend used to sing professionally.  When he was a young man, he received many accolades from those who would hear him.

“It affected me,” he said, “The people pumped up my ego to the point I could do no wrong.  My attitude was affected and I must admit I was probably not nice to some because of it, thinking I was superior in some way to so many.  Then one night, this drunk walked up to the stage. ‘Who told you that you could sing’, he stammered, ‘You’re terrible.  I hate your music.’”

That was a game changer.

My friend told me, even though 99% of the people in the room enjoyed his music, the fact one didn’t crushed him.

You can’t be all things to all people and no one is superior to another…

Good News! You Win!

August 5, 2014
By bouzouki

Spend a day living as a Saint,  Sadhu, Master, Holy Man, Guru, Roshi, Wise Man, Old Man, World.  Tomorrow.  When you are here.  Today.

Not having won, I don’t know the experience, so tell me what it is like.  I’ll wait.

Are You Supertitious?

August 4, 2014
By ichabod
Are You Supertitious?
Superstition: A belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurrence, proceeding, or the like.

I was thinking about superstition today.  I have to admit I am superstitious.  Some people claim they are not, but I am not one of those.

Then I wondered why I was.

For some reason I am fond of repeating that there is more to this life than meets the eye.  Years go by, conversations, incidents and reading have bolstered my superstition.

It wasn’t all coincidence, those people are not all liars or misguided by natural phenomenon.  There is just too much out there and within that defies logic or reason.  Many times we ignore these things and time slowly erases them from memory, but they did occur.I don’t believe in fortune tellers, yet I met with one thirty years ago, and looking back she was remarkably accurate about my life to date, and my life was far from the generic lives of so many.  It wasn’t a canned presentation.  I don’t know whether her other readings were as accurate as mine, maybe it was a fluke, maybe it was meant to be.

There have been times I thought about someone I had not heard from in years, and within a day or so we connected.  “I was thinking about you yesterday,”  I would say.  “I was too,” came the reply. Coincidence?

Little things like that…..

Then there are bigger things, like God.  I believe in God, that makes me superstitious. It’s OK, I don’t pretend to know everything about everything.  Superstition and humility go hand in hand.  Good thing. :)


Who is Telling the Truth?

August 3, 2014
By ichabod
Who is Telling the Truth?

Why is the truth so important?  In this case many lives are at stake.

When a government makes a claim or accusation, the people which that government governs tend to believe it in matters which involve physical aggression, namely war.  In war, no one wins.

When a government controls media and can influence its citizens with false propaganda,  inciting people to become patriotic for a false cause, who loses the most?  The citizens.  Ask the German survivors after  WW2.

America and its allies have been adamant about Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine, even attempting to implicate Russia somehow in the downing of MH17 which was supposedly shot down by a Russian supplied BUK missile.

However, after analyzing the wreckage, it appears obvious the plane is riddled with bullet holes, not shrapnel from a missile at it was reported that there was a fighter in the sky close to MH17 when the plane was destroyed.  OSCE Monitors Identify Shrapnel.

Then I read the accusations  Ukraine government in Kiev and its backer, the United States, make against Russia, much without any credible evidence, of Russia’s warmongering wrongdoing.

If I was a judge armed with the evidence I have seen so far, I would ascertain reasonable doubt of these accusations and declare Russia innocent of these charges.

However, in this day and age, evidence and conviction are not necessary, accusations are all that is needed for a group of humans to hunt and destroy other humans and if there is some ‘collateral damage’ or murder involved, that is deemed reasonable by the aggressors in question.

Then we have the concept of karma, as most people understand it to mean what goes around comes around.  This may or may not end well, the hostilities and finger pointing in the Ukraine, but it has a better chance of ending well if the governments were telling the truth instead of fabricating evidence and stories.

My respect for the President of the United States and government entities which are responsible for inciting peoples and lying to its own citizens on a number of issues including 9/11 and building number 7 has diminished to the extent I don’t believe in anything they say or publish.  I don’t trust them at all, much less willing to let my children participate in a war that no one will win and which no one knows the true cause.

I am a Canadian and will oppose any effort by my government to participate in any of this.  Am I treasonous?  Not to the race of human beings, maybe in the liar’s eyes I may be, but they are not my God and never will be.

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