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The Intersection

July 25, 2014
By bouzouki

Look both ways when you cross the street at the intersection.  Wouldn’t it be easy if there were only two ways to look as you come to crossroads in your life?

Instead, we have a multitude of circumstances that pull us in various ways most every moment in our lives.  It is not two ways, although we often consider the events to be dual in nature.  We are subject to physical, cultural, spiritual, psychological, economic, political, interpersonal, …, the list will extend in so many directions that to simplify, we try to make this a choice between two things.  It is not a choice between two things, and as we proceed through life, the complications come from so many angles, we are often surprised as new situations arise.

It is interesting to me how the different parts collide, such as reading or watching or hearing the news.  Am I amused, angered, sorrowed, or numb?  Does the chemical hormone release throw me to the wolves of my own demise as I stake out my stance on politics, while lusting after the clerk at the grocery store, and ignoring the red light up ahead?  Is it the allergy medicine that robs me of my religious certainty?  Did the fast food tear me away from the beauty of the sunset?  How did I not see the brick wall ahead as I looked both ways?

How many decades will it take to finally be aware that the combination comes from so many sources that I need to keep a safe center from which to observe all this?

Self Examination

July 23, 2014
By bouzouki

I can sit here and believe what I want.  What I believe does not have to be true or a fact.  I can believe my opinions are correct, because I believe what I am saying.  I can believe ideas that I know do not fit the actual situation.  I can create ideas, images, songs, poorly formed drawings, and I can use these concepts to make mental maps, images of how I think it might be, and somehow understand this is only an approximation of what is, but I will believe it.

I don’t believe war is the answer, or that a particular group of people has a lock on god, but some people believe their imagination covers it all.  I don’t believe that someone needs to believe how or what another believes, although, there is the Ethic of Reciprocity, and we are social beings, and most of the great Teachers tell us to look at our relations to others.

I notice I am full of conflicts, complications, enigmas, and shortcomings.  I do want to do better, setting aside those pieces that impede me from doing better.  I go from day to day, sometimes full of hope, sometimes despair, living.  I could project onto others my belief that they are not living correctly, but this process of living my life goes on even as others live how they live.

Each new day brings the challenge of how I live, full of my fantasy of beliefs, full of my history, full of my interactions with others.  When I ignore these thoughts, because I already know this stuff, I will have a day when all of it comes back to me is one form or another, shaking my taken for granted world like a tree in the wind.  And again I have to go back through the haphazard structure of beliefs, conjectures, and rote actions, and examine myself.  Some days the experience hurts, some days I feel relieved, and some days, I remember to sit quietly, follow my breathing, watch my thoughts, be present.

The Present And The Past

July 19, 2014
By bouzouki

I was reminded once again, through an essay, of the beginnings of World War One, and I try to place that sequence next to the news events I can watch unfold before my eyes.  What is the sound of the footfalls of history as they step closer to the point of no return?  What is inevitable in history, was a series of blunders, plunder, and subjugation that found its way into the mazes of trench warfare that will be the next stop of “one hundred years ago today”.  Just as so many refused to understand the significance of Serbian nationalism or the Ottoman Empire’s sinking into history, we look at the present and select only bits and pieces of the recent history that has led us all into the morass of this clouded future.

I have a copy of a now ancient oracle, the guidebook of the 1964 New York World’s Fair, full of the wondrous future we all inhabit, with our unlimited, too cheap to meter energy, flying cars, unlimited horizons, and false hope.  That hope, presented like a travelogue to the future, held many misconceptions that I, like many others, accepted as a given image of the future.  Dare we look at pollution, war, and economic uncertainty as the hope of the future?

Lots of people have written millions of words to define more than the physical reality, the underlying notions of how we define ourselves, and more people try to glean an understanding of the present from those words of the past, knowing somewhere inside the certainty of our prophets, people of Europe, 100 years ago today, were aware of  the death of the Archduke Ferdinand, but how many could see the carnage awaiting in their near future?

Are you comfortable gazing into your crystal ball?  The future I thought I was promised is not present, the wisdom of leaders is not as apparent as I was led to believe in my youth.  Scenarios of a rosy future existed in 1914, dashed against a reality that reverberates still today, and we do our best to ignore history when it tells us the actions of today will visit us tomorrow.

As I worked on the rock path to my front door this morning, two women from a church visited me, wanting to remind me of the glorious future awaiting us all, as soon as the bad time abate, provided I agree to believe.  My cat bushed against me as we spoke, reminding me it is hot out in the sun, and I would feel better bringing him into the house where it is cooler.  I believe my cat is right.

Over Here

July 17, 2014
By bouzouki

Here it is.  You are alive, reading, thinking about being alive, which leads to some thought moving away from “Here it is.”

The rules of the belief structure you carry with you is somewhat different than mine.  My belief structures have holes in the most unlikely places, like buildings built into one-another, squished around the edges where they meet.

After too many “What if?”‘s crowding my imagination, I found imagining the worst would keep it at bay.  Although I could not imagine all things, I have imagined much.  There is a difference between reality and my imaginings.  There is also a difference in what I perceive and what is out there.

There are no set lines drawn between what I know, what I believe, and what I imagine.  Imagining I can move large rocks while wearing sandals meets reality at the toe.  Believing words are more than maps or models must mean you can tidy up the image of god inside your mind.  Nobody gets reality better than you.  A tidy God, and a city street.

I can say but not imagine a billion people, A billion years is hard to measure with a watch.  The bugs I found squished in the shale rock up around 9000 feet were 9-12 million years old, along with the leaves pressed black, flat, smashed.  Do we imagine time?   Here it is.

Energy and Spirituality

July 13, 2014
By ichabod
Energy and Spirituality

I am a layman and a not very intelligent one at that, so forgive me if I make some assumptions which may not be correct.

For example energy.  It kind of evades our senses doesn’t it?  Like heat from the sun.  I can see the sun but cannot hear or see the heat, but I can feel the warmth.  Electricity is pretty similar, I can see a flash of light or hear the thunder when positive and negative collide, but if I look at a bare copper wire I cannot see the electrons moving on the surface of the wire.  Gravity is another force we can feel and see the effects of, but we cannot see or hear it either.

Then we have the spirit side of things,  We can feel the effects of spirit, emotionally for the most part.  Spirit’s presence has spawned countless anecdotal stories and a few times in my life I am positive there was more happening than meets the eye.

In this inexplicable life we live, is it not possible that the spirit is as influential a force as the energy I mentioned, if not more so?  If this is true, where does it come from, how does it exist?  Is it God or life?

Is it possible to move matter with the mind?

July 13, 2014
By ichabod
Is it possible to move matter with the mind?

Years ago when extra sensory perception, transcendental meditation and other intriguing subjects were much more popular in the media, I saw a television documentary, I believe it was in Russia, where a man bent a spoon with the power of his mind.  It has been so long and the memory a bit hazy but I believe it correct.

About four decades ago I witnessed my first wife move a cup and saucer purely through concentration.  It never happened before or since and it freaked me out a little at the time, wondering who or what I was sleeping with.  I also know it was not slight of hand or trickery, it was genuine.

Given what I observed in my life, I cannot say it is impossible for humans to use the power of the mind in ways we cannot imagine now.  Having said that, I wonder why we are not hearing or seeing this kind of stuff more often?

Are we as a society too focused on other things which distract our minds, are we not trained properly in using our brains to their fullest potential?  Is that why human nature has not changed for most mortals through the generations.

If we are capable of more than what we are achieving, why aren’t we using it?

Something to think about…



July 13, 2014
By ichabod

I don’t know, maybe I see things a little differently, but then again why would a man’s words carry on for two thousand years and still be considered valid to many, after all most other quotes by famous people usually last a few years and are forgotten, at best a century or two.

There are some things I question as I know the works have been edited and doctored up, but there is something there I feel, especially in light of prophecy and today’s world, a world in which we have the capacity to massacre most if not all of the human race within a fairly short time.  This is what we, generations of mortals have built up to, regardless of advances in science, medicine, technology and tolerance, our advance in killing machines and distribution there of kept pace with other advances..

And ther are those on this planet who live like their ancestors, ignorant of what may occur.

He said, “or from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.

The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.”

When I see the polarization happening today around the world on many levels, the previous paragraph takes on a new meaning, at least to me.

Kind of uncanny, isn’t it?

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