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Crossing Paths and Tick Tock Laughs Emptiness

September 1, 2014
By ichabod
Crossing Paths and Tick Tock Laughs Emptiness

Jonolan and I discussed the possibility of him writing memoirs this morning.  Bouzouki and I discussed collaborating on a work, one which I hope will come to fruition one of these years. :)

Jonolan and Bouzouki are two souls I have never personally met, but we have communicated for years.  It has always been a firm belief of mine, people’s lives cross paths for a reason, even if we never discover what that reason may be.  Our lives may only touch for seconds to lifetimes.

I feel blessed in the people whose lives touched mine.  There were many.  Actors, actresses, musicians, singers, Santa Claus impersonators, murderers, thieves, cons and ex cons, politicians, premiers, attorney generals, lawyers, accountants, body builders, runners, business owners, chefs, CEOs, laborers, Generals, privates, mercenaries, writers, artists, tough guys, not so tough people, nurses, doctors, pastors, priests, medicine men and the enlightened.  There are many more, too many to mention, but you get the idea.  They helped me become who I am, whoever that be.

Today I was reminded of an echo from the past, one I had forgotten about.  It was four years, give or take that Katy and I penned the following. :)

Tick Tock Laughs Emptiness

TinkerBell(Bliss) and Ichabod

the gift of life
we dream
we were given a home
as we wander
we call earth
our mother, the earth
we are take care of our world and our fellow man
we dance with one another
in turn the world and our fellow man
and with ourselves
would look after us
slowly turning

how do i know? i don’t know how, i just know.
or perhaps….not

we take life and allocate
we breath and perceive
it into increments of time
as we divide and make small
for many
that which is beyond measure
most of that time is consumed
tick tock laughs emptiness
working for the man
futile steps go unnoticed
most of their waking hours
as we pretend to ‘know’

so the man can feed them
we hold out our hands
from the spoils of the earth
starving on the deepest level
which belongs to everyone and no one
consuming anything that might fill the emptiness we see in our belly or heart or soul

somehow this system man created
surely the universe laughs at our game
conflicts with the purpose
all the meaningless dots we pretend to have to connect
god or the great spirit intended
love doesn’t even speak this language of lack or angst or hate or isolation
when these conflicts mature
and only sees
earth rebels
our purity and perfection
man looks after fellow man
one and ALL
no more

this world which belongs to everyone
our majestic home
and no one
OUR home
is claimed by few
is blind to fences and boxes and opinions born of fear
and denied to many

the few describe it as just
some cling to that horrific, nightmarish liferaft
the many feel it is unjust
that isn’t even there

everyone thinks they are right
there is nothing to defend
and everyone is wrong
there is nothing to prove or assert or subject one another to

meanwhile life is not
life is
the way it should be
laughter and joy
laughter and joy
the many other gifts
extend their ever open fingers of light

are replaced
in us and through us and all about our every everything
with feelings
with unconditional
we should not feel


because we did not look after our world
our innocent and seemingly endless blunders
and each other
with one another and infinite vessel
the way we should
cannot erase our sacredness

the seeds we have sown
many seeds we have sown
as a species are growing
death, fear, magic, beauty, miracles, hatred, vengeance, regret, guilt, and LOVE
when i look for the fruit
the fruit lays at our feet begging to be eaten
all i see are weeds
we are free to nourish ourselves on what feeds us

there is time to change
colours are flying fast and we are whirling in more bliss than we can imagine
but it is not to be
there is no deadline; join the dance when you will
slowly we will drift away
every heart we ever encounter waits patiently, adoringly
into obscurity
to re-member who we are

“Have you ever seen your mother in the nude?”

September 1, 2014
By ichabod
“Have you ever seen your mother in the nude?”

I was young, about 12 and naive.  “No,” I replied.

“You want to buy some pictures of her naked?”

The shocked look on my face produced the desired result.  Their laughter confirmed it.

There were no pictures.  For a moment, I wondered how the hell they could have nude photos of my mother in their possession.

It is funny how we think about those things.  There are seven billion of us and only two sexes, so there are billions who have bodies similar to our own, other than being heavier or lighter, maybe some are damaged and so on, but we all have two arms, two legs, hands, feet and so on.  Yet many are prudish about their bodies and like to keep it to themselves.

Recently a number of nude photos of celebrities were posted online by a so called hacker.

In reading the celebrities responses, from the photos being called fake to admissions of their veracity, there seems to be one common theme.  The people were upset.

“It is my body, my privacy.  It is not for those I do not know to look at” seems to be the common denominator.

A sense of privacy and ownership of our bodies seems to be a human trait many of us possess.  These traits may be cultural, it is the way we are raised.  In some societies it does not seem to matter as much as in others.

Yet some of the exposed people are left wondering how these pictures came to light.  One said they were deleted a long time ago.

With the recent expose of NSA and .gov spying capabilities, we now know anything we do is no longer for our eyes only.  Past experience tells me if government is that advanced, others are even more advanced in prying into our personal affairs, past and present.

We are all naked.

How do you feel about that?

The End of Labor Day

August 31, 2014
By ichabod

I’ve written about it many times.  Many have pooh, poohed my warnings.

We are reminded daily of the possibility war or plague wiping us out as a species, but watch this video, fifteen minutes which should make you wonder where you will fit in or how we will survive in the not too distance future.

If we don’t address this situation, what we have seen in the movie Terminator will not be so sci-fi but reality.

Let us hope humans are more intelligent than the horses depicted in the video.

To Protect the Guilty

August 31, 2014
By ichabod
To Protect the Guilty


Reflecting on 9/11 and being a layman in the ways and means of intelligence, foreign policy and national security, I have come to the conclusion the world was deceived.

I was living in Los Angeles at the time and witnessed the second plane flying into the skyscraper.  I was glued to the television all day, as were most who were not at the scene I am sure.  When the second plane hit, it was obvious in my mind this was not an accident but a planned operation, I just didn’t know at the time whether the USA was under attack on more fronts, whether an invasion was forthcoming or anything of that nature.

It took a few years before building #7 became known to me.  There was so much coverage, replaying and so on of the “Twin Towers” and the Pentagon, it never registered in my consciousness.

For those of us who question, we are labelled as “truthers” and the term is mostly used in a derogatory sense.  We are either with them or against them.  But it isn’t anything like that at all.  I for one would like to know what is really going on as what they tell us no longer holds up under scrutiny as being true.

I always wondered why the majority of terrorists who died that day were of Saudi Arabian origin.  As far as I knew, Bin Laden’s terrorism group was not particularly associated with or against Saudi Arabia.

There is a 28 page redacted document some in Congress want to release to the public and the releasing thereof is meeting with resistance.  Apparently Saudi Arabia is implicated in 9/11.

MH-17 is another story the West would like the World to believe was shot down by the Russians.  I believe the Ukrainians or the West was responsible for no other reason that the countries possessing the evidence signed a non disclosure agreement not to make the findings public.  Why not?  Are the people we vote and pay to lead us afraid of what we may think when we find out what deeds have been accomplished behind our backs.

This is a moral issue.  Most of us detest deceit at this level and most of us are not murderers, yet these incidents and misinformation leads to murder.

The truth should come out, regardless of the consequences.  At this point in time, the credibility of those who lead is already in doubt and it is a common joke how politicians lie to obtain an office and glory, even if the office is in the White House.



Good Morning…

August 31, 2014
By ichabod
Good Morning…

…Ladies and gentlemen

In the first person.

I woke up this morning with this in my head.

I was born in a very religious state, in Brazil, called Espírito Santo (Holy Spirit).

I was born and grew up in right behind its State Cathedral. Every time I looked outside my window, or stepped outside, there it was, the Cathedral. And its priests, bishops, and so on.

That Cathedral, looking back, it was the tower of the indoctrination and conformity of the ignorant.

Across that Cathedral, it was a round square with a short street that led to the Palácio Anchieta (governor’s Palace and the state’s executive power).

That Palace, looking back, it was the tower of corruption and deceit by the smart and educated class.

These both institutions, to this day, still need each other for their survival.

And here we are, on the middle of that short street, in-between the parasites and the mediocre, both holding to unrealistic believes and lies, wondering what come next?

Escrava Isaura wrote the above.

Interesting observation…..

Landing in Vancouver…

August 30, 2014
By ichabod

…my mind and emotions were not in the best form, a few hours later I flew to Calgary and my mood was not much better.

Sometimes life has me second guessing myself, did I do the right thing by leaving?  Yet there was nothing left for me to stay for.  Then it dawned on me I was almost indigent and really had no other choice.  This was not my first time in this predicament, but I am over 60 and the future was not looking so rosy.

I got on a Greyhound Bus in Calgary and started my journey across the prairies.  This used to be my sales territory when I was thirty or thereabouts.  Stopping in at various villages and towns along the way, my mood picked up considerably.  A lot of these places appealed to me.  If it wasn’t for those damn long and cold winters they would be great places to live and some people enjoy the winter.

I then made up my mind I was going to get me a place no one could take from me or kick me out of, something I wouldn’t have to make years of payments on and I didn’t want to rent or live in an apartment or condo.  I lived on a boat for a year and really enjoyed it.  I made up my mind a motor home with a satellite dish for internet access would be the ticket for my future.  I could travel to BC in the winter where the climate is a lot milder and come back to the central prairies for the warm months.

I moved into my motor home a week ago.  It isn’t new and needs a little maintenance, much which has been done during the last week and a half and I have it just about right for my future.  My mood is a whole bunch better than six weeks ago.  Other than finding a place to park it in the winter and utilities and food, I am set to begin anew.  :)

Funny how life keeps me guessing what will happen next.


August 30, 2014
By ichabod

According to one definition, the word hypocrite means a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.

We often see hypocrisy displayed on a personal basis.  Headlines point to hypocrisy displayed on the world stage.

The last while all fingers point to Russia by our media as being the evil invader of the Ukraine while the Ukraine government has sent troops to fire on their own citizens as the government did not appreciate the fact that many did not want to be governed by the government in Kiev any longer.  In my eyes, the government in Kiev is painted as a democratic institution when it is anything but.

The leaders of the so called free democratic world are quick to paint any country who disagrees with them with a black brush, yet these same folks do the same thing to their own people when they are threatened or feel it is necessary to use force.

There is no freedom or true democracy in this world today, if there was, we would all have a direct connection to the decision making process with our I-Phones. Samsungs or laptops and the majority could click on aye or nay on any particular issue at hand without feeling like we are angering someone who could make life difficult for us.

Meanwhile they point fingers at each other on the world stage, sell arms and justify murder and sanctions in the name of what?

There is something wrong with this picture, it is unfortunate that a government for the people by the people doesn’t listen to its people….



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