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Vaya con Dios

December 19, 2014
By ichabod
Vaya con Dios

Vaya con Dios means to Go with God.  Throughout history and today, humanity faces challenges of survival.  We never know from one day to another whether we will keep our health, life, friends, family or possessions.

To me, God is not the vengeful entity described in many works, a jealous old man in a throne way up there waiting to whack the world for its shortcomings, shortcomings we were designed with.

To me God is indescribable, but it is not a bad thing or bad karma nor evil.  God is like being one with the spirit of life and we are all alive.

To walk with God or Go with God means a person cares when they say that, wishing the recipient of those words to be one with God, no more, no less.

For those of you who doubt or reject God’s existence, it is only a matter of semantics.  Leslie’s image of flowers represents God in numerous ways.  The electrical energy and imagination of Leslie flowed and she created a picture of what she sees, also that representing life, flowers.

We are all part of this web of life, connected by forces yet to be known which I refer to as the spirit of God.  I do not believe for a moment the essence which enabled a flower to grow, optimism to rise, hope to be born, beauty to be appreciated and life to be cherished could be from anything other than God.

In that vein, I wish you all, “Vaya con Dios”.


The Time of Year for the Mood

December 19, 2014
By ichabod
The Time of Year for the Mood

This is my first white Christmas in a few years.  I enjoy the “spirit” of this time and ignore the rest.

As we journey on this path called life, I am appreciative of how it is all coming together and making sense for me, if that is possible.  Sometimes it takes a year or two of experiences, mulling them over in my mind to help guide myself in the future.

I am a Cherry Picker, no different than the billions of other Cherry Pickers on this planet.  I retain stuff which appeals to me and carry on from there  What I consider worthwhile retaining helps mold who I am and what I believe in.

I don’t discuss faith much as it is always just different enough from the faiths of others it causes a problem.  I suppose I am on the right track or the wrong one, but at this stage of the game I made up my mind what works for me.  I am content with how I feel with the Divine.  It doesn’t quite correspond to much which is written or told to me what I should believe in.  I suppose that makes me a non conformist and that is OK.  If I am wrong, I will hopefully find out.  Otherwise, I see no reason for change.

This is the time of year we choose to love our neighbors and others.

If we could only stretch that feeling into January, we’ll be getting somewhere :)

Barbed Wire

December 19, 2014
By bouzouki

I saved my cat’s life this evening.  Just before sunset, knowing my cat had not come in, I went out, did simple chores and called for him.  I heard him cry and I thought he might have gotten locked in a shed or building, because of the sound.  I have no echo-location from sound anymore, so I had to call and walk around, listening for the cry.  He was on the other side of a ditch bank, hung upside-down by his skin.  It had ripped about four or five inches and I had to untangle him from the wire.

My cat helped me through my illness seven years ago.  He only stabbed me once with his claw tonight.  He knew I was trying to help him.  The image is clear in my mind of his musculature, and the rip in his side.

I find the event to be unsettling.  It is my nature to grieve over loss.  This instance is a loss averted, but I feel the shock.

What is a Body to Do?

December 18, 2014
By bouzouki

Inhaled dust and a virus to boot, pushing fluids, and hanging close to home in hopes it goes away, the cough, the dried mucus, the puffy eyes, the mental haze, the flu after reading a book about a virus that takes 90% or more of the population in half the time, I hear a commercial, although I have trained myself to mute my tv…, being a creature of some media, but not all, and a vector of some disease, some biologic malware, often reminding me of how sick I was in ’75 and ’76, carrying a virus that gave me a sore throat, head full of thick crud that quickly raced to my lungs and took six weeks and repeated.  Thrice, deep into spring.  I thought I could die, then.  A few residents did die at the institution.

I made it to mid-twenties, after an early retirement, a full year “off”, so to speak.  And months off with no employment to speak of, not unemployment, no employment.  Highs and lows, sick stomach, from a variety of reasons, viruses and “bugs”, the lows of drunkenness, and poverty.  Sickness is hard, especially when learning something about health.  It is that striving for something better in the midst of suffering that makes us learn about life.

I want to feel healthy, today.  I feel the disconnect from having an immune response to something in my recent environments.  It would be nice to give the foreign bodies to the dark energies or dark matter to take away from my throat, that itchy feeling.  More fluid!  I obey and make another cup of tea.  The heat brings relief for a moment to the back of my throat, herbs soaked and steeped, what an old remedy, and honey.  I will see.

I notice a change in the way I think when I suffer an illness.  Sometimes in fever, I have noticed a clarity in my sluggish thought, but when I see it is hard to find words, I remember that I can function much better when I am healthy.  We shook hidden demons when we helped facilitate a household move and returned to our home carrying an interested group of microbes and other stuff, many taking residence inside us, trading on airspace and lodging in throats.  More Fluid!

What is God?

December 15, 2014
By ichabod

Spirit of Life

Soul of our Being

Essence of the Universe

It Happened

December 14, 2014
By ichabod
It Happened


My mind went back in time today, to when I was a young no account.  I had frequent brushes with the law, from assault to booze related crimes.  I drank with the winos on the river banks.  I had forgotten about those years.  Not anything a person could be proud of.  That is why I do not like to travel back in time.  There is a period in my life I do not have much memory as I was in a stupor.  Violence was around the corner, I have been shot at, hunted, faced knives and broken bottles, angry husbands.

I look at myself now and discover what motivated me then and now are not the same.  What I would have done without thinking twice as a young man, I would not consider doing today and find it reprehensible. This is not a two faced statement, where I say one thing and do another.  I now do what I say.  I don’t like to lie, although I have lied in my past.

There is still room for improvement.  I am still learning and far from “perfect’.

I have changed.  My attitude and morals have transformed.

It is more than age, it took time and the realization that the path I was on led to despair and the void of hell on this planet.  I wanted out.  I am not exactly sure when the tide against my behavior and attitude started changing.

Why am I writing this?

In the hope some soul reads this who is staring into the abyss.

Yes, you can change and life changes with you.  The desire starts from within.

Ultimate Price

December 14, 2014
By ichabod

This hostage situation in Australia has me wondering about a few things.  People who plan and execute these acts, like the 911 perpetrators, know their time on earth will be done in all likelihood.    No different than suicide bombers.

Many of these people are young, intelligent.  Some are educated.  I remember reading of one suicide bomber who was a pretty 24 year old nurse.

What could motivate a young soul to commit suicide in such a fashion and take innocents with them?

It is not a normal act for people, premeditated suicide.  Is it brain washing, or strong belief or faith, anger, depression?  There seem to be enough young people to volunteer.

Until we can get behind this, understand the how and why, how will we ever combat it?

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