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October 24, 2014
By ichabod

I passed the fence and walked along the path between the mounds and stones.  The place was peace for me.

My ears picked up a sound, of strings.  Not here, I thought.  I followed the waves and saw a pile of fresh earth beside a rectangle shaped hole.

A young fellow was plucking away on something I hadn’t seen before.  He was lost in the intensity of his music.  As he raised his head he spotted me and abruptly stopped.

“How you doin?” I asked.

“Not bad, and you?”

“Pretty good.  What’s that?”  I pointed to the instrument in his hands.

He looked at it and at me, ” this is a Bouzouki.”

“Got a really good sound, I like the way you play it.”


“You work here or visiting,” I asked.

“I dig them, they bury them,” he answered, “and you?”

“These places bring me peace.  It may sound weird, but it is not a place where crowds usually come to and it is green, ” I smiled as it sounded kind of strange to my ears.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

Then the fingers danced on the strings of the strange instrument bringing forth a soft melody…..


Models Of Reality

October 24, 2014
By bouzouki

I have read many comments of people that say climate science is faulty science, the computer models are not correct, and, basically belief in CO2 climate change is a religion.

At the same time that computer models of the atmosphere are called into question, the social science of economics is held in high esteem, even when the 2008 economy sunk and very few “experts” could see it coming.  There are plenty of reasons (excuses) that bubbles can’t be seen in economics, but rarely is it called religion.

I am not certain there is any computer model for religion, but many demand that religion is the basic model of reality.

As I look at the glass screen, I am amazed that the discovery of glass has shown us how vastly huge the universe is, and how small life and matter can be.  Glass can’t show us what can’t be seen, however.

At some point our models can help us understand the world through science.  We also have used models to explain human behavior.

I like to use metaphors as models for human actions, but models are metaphors for what is inside and outside our skin, like we are mostly water, or we came from clay, or we are stardust.  If for a moment I can be still inside, right before that next thought, I wonder if that is closer to reality than the models?

The Christian and Ichabod

October 23, 2014
By ichabod
The Christian and Ichabod

Christian:  ‘You often quote Jesus.  Do you believe he died on the cross to atone for our sins?’

Ichabod:  ‘There is biblical evidence to contradict his death.  If he did die on the cross, I do not believe it was to atone for another’s sins.”

Christian:  ‘Why not?  God’s only son was sacrificed for atonement.”

Ichabod:  “Why would Christ suggest the prayer in which it says forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors?    It used to say trespasses.  The wording has changed in my lifetime.  He taught people to communicate with God one to one. ”

Christian: “What makes you think he didn’t die?”

Ichabod:  “When they moved the slab of stone n front of the cave where his body was placed, his body was gone.  When one of his apostles saw him afterwards, Jesus’s ghost presumably, he touched the holes the nails punctured in his hands and feet.  I know nothing of ghosts, but it sounds if the apparition was flesh and blood.”

Christian: “Why do you quote Christ with your non acceptance of what so many believe?”

Ichabod:  “Christ was a unique individual, whether he lived or died.  Whether he performed miracles or not is of no matter to me.  He healed people, not only physically but emotionally.  He preached love, compassion, hated deceit, injustice and those who preyed on their fellow man.  He taught that God was within and personal.  He denied being good and advised us to trust no one.  You never hear that nowadays do you?”

Christian: “What about the Old Testament?”

Ichabod:  “It adds confusion for many, justifies murder in God’s name.  Christians feel justified in going overseas to bomb people in the name of helping them get rid of a man like Saddam.  However a lot more died in saving them than what Saddam was doing in my mind.  I do not believe preemptive strikes based on hearsay is justified in Christ’s eyes.  I don’t think it is right.  I saw this thread of continuity in the four gospels, helping me grasp what Christ was about.  There are some things I think are out of character and probably changed over time by someone to suit a purpose.”

Christian:  “Do you believe Christ existed?”

Ichabod:  “Does it matter?  The story is 2,000 years or more old.  The teachings over time prove themselves to me.  The ethic of reciprocity is a good example.  Others have preached it, but more know of Christ than Rabbi Hillel for example.  His apostles denied him when he lived.  They heard and saw him.  We don’t have that opportunity, all we have are words in old books, words which are often fought over.  Sometimes you have to look past the words.”



October 22, 2014
By bouzouki

A few years back, “No Fear” decals graced many pickup truck back windows in this area.  I imagined it meant “Know Fear” rather than the lack of it.  I tried to write a song about not spending enough money on fear because we are constantly spending money on fear.  Ebola is just the latest big fear product, pushing ISIS aside for a moment.  Fear of the Other, the different, the gripping imagination of what could happen IF….

Fear of “passing on” is like fear of passing gas, everyone does it, but you don’t want it to happen to you.  Death comes to us all, and how it happens is individual, but if you escape death in one instance, you may experience a rush of endorphins, or monumental relief.  I think that rush gives some a sense that they are beyond that fear.

The things that make us afraid are interesting to me.  In America, the fear of Ebola is greater than the actuality of getting it, right now.  You have a better chance of getting killed driving or getting influenza.

During one of the attempts to write my song, I sat with a few other people and we were voicing al sorts of things we do based somewhat on fear.  Fear of looking old, not having enough money, not being liked by the “right”people, sharks, snakes, and the phobias that get their own special name.  Mnay are afraid of being alone with your thoughts, or the fear of silence.  The fear of not being in touch with your group is interesting to watch, as four people sit at a table in a coffee shop and they all pull out their electronic machines.

Pema Chadron asks that we embrace our fear as a spiritual exercise, examining our relationship to fear and suffering, and facing our fears.  “Fear is the mind killer.”, I thnk that was how Frank Herbert described it in Dune.  In modern media, fear sells.

Land of the Free? Is, Was and Will be an Illusion.

October 19, 2014
By ichabod
Land of the Free?  Is, Was and Will be an Illusion.

Someone lamented about America being ‘Free’ in 1948, the year Orwell’s 1984 was published.  I thought about that a minute and couldn’t agree, facts stated otherwise.

What freedom?  Japanese internment camps because those Americans had the appearance of being oriental?  Blacks in the South were segregated, couldn’t use the same toilets, restaurants, bus seats as whites?

What about the Joe McCarthy anti commie purge and black lists which destroyed lives.

The Constitution never lived up to its name in the land of the “Free” as it inconvenienced too many small minded ‘folks’ who had too much power.

Freedom was lost when the South was not allowed to separate.

What about those Mexicans living in what used to be Mexico and is now the US or the people in Alaska which used to be Russian?  What if they didn’t want to be part of the good old USA but were merely bought or sold like merchandise.

There has been a separatist movement in Hawaii but they are treated like nutters.  When I was there last, many natives had to work two or three jobs to survive while some gringo with coin lived on their most beautiful lands.

And don’t forget the draft, forcing the young into military slavery fighting wars in foreign lands which had nothing to do with self defense.

Last but not least the Trail of Tears, when Native owners to the great land were and are living on reservations?  They claimed the white man spoke with two faces.  That is, was and will be true…

The USA says one thing, does another.  Always been that way.  If it weren’t for the power of Hollywood selling the fantasy of a noble and good America, it is no different than many other countries and probably less free than many.

By the way, don’t forget to mow your lawn or keep your garage door open too long, someone may complain and you may get thrown in jail and please do not carry too much cash as the cops will steal it.


October 18, 2014
By ichabod

Anyone who had a lick of common sense could see the hand writing on the wall, but many really do not know what common sense is or possess it, hell we even have a difficult time defining it.

Then there are truths each individual uses for a foundation and he or she can see the world and assess based on them.  Problem is not everyone’s truths are true.

George Orwell saw through the bullshit and predicted what would happen.

And when you read of stories where a woman is thrown in jail for not mowing her lawn or a war vet is his eighties jailed for not repairing a wall on his building or 30% of the population thinking it is OK to take money that is not theirs because they “suspect” it may be used or has been used for laundering is a sign of what is to come.

The fools all want their GPS to tell them where they are, yet Big Bro knows where you are too.  If you lived somewhere for a bit, why do you need a gps to tell you where you are?  Why does a normal person need a heart rate monitor?  Our bodies and minds have capabilities of telling us where we are and how we feel, now we need instrument panels to wake up in the morning?

Earth could be and often is nirvana but people know how to screw it up.

Life is a Fairy Tale

October 18, 2014
By ichabod
Life is a Fairy Tale

Let us put this into perspective…

The illustration depicts a Venezuelan Poodle Moth.

Imagine, a male and female of any species joining in intercourse and creating life.

Out of nowhere the ground shakes and splits, an earthquake.  Something in the ocean causes a tsunami swamping many shores, killing hundreds of thousands, not only humans, but all kinds of life forms.  The sun rises every morning, is predictable and warms the earth, yet never runs out of fuel…

People gather together, create, live in peace, turn against each other, destroy and murder.

Our best friends often have four legs and can’t speak.

Sometimes our best friends have more integrity than humans, but won’t think twice of fornicating in the middle of an avenue.

Yet there are those among us that believe life is logical and compares to a ledger with credits, debits and the almighty totals.

There is nothing about life that is truly logical.  Logic is something we humans created to try and make sense of things.

There are a lot of things we created to live on this planet without losing our minds.

The more I think of it, fairy tale doesn’t come close.

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