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The God Fantasy

April 20, 2014
By ichabod

It is told eons ago that the senses cannot detect God, nor are our minds capable of visualizing God.

I was sitting outside, the chickens walking around me.  I stared at the chickens, my eyes wandered to the grass and trees, then over to where our pet Chihuahua was sniffing at something.  I thought about our rabbits and how tame they became after a week or so of feeding and looking after them.  At first they cowered into the shadows when I came with food and water, now their noses touch my hand.

Life is precious, methinks.  Plants, animals and so much more including us.

When I think about the different scientific theories of our existence, including evolution, the big bang theory and others, I am skeptical of how a human can come up with theory which encompasses the beginning and existence of all life, not only on this planet, but the universe.  I don’t think science has a clue.

Do we really need to know how we and our surroundings came to be?  There is evidence that we have existed for thousands of years, speculating the whole time, but did it make a difference?  I don’t think so.

Yet God has always been a fantasy I believed in and still do.  Many times I think I feel God’s presence, there is no other way of describing it.  The miracle that is life some how confirms it to me and this thing we refer to as Karma, anecdotal of course. but too many stories and they can’t all be untrue or deception.

No, for me God exists as there is more to this life than meets the eye.


Who Is The God Of Economics?

April 20, 2014
By bouzouki

I read an essay that had many threads that I try to weave in my writing;  suffering, economics, compassion, spirituality, death, but not much about biology with its ecological imperatives,(my interpretation).  In any case, we all have our opinions of what is important, and denigrate what we choose not to believe, but if we are to understand anybody else, we need to understand what they mean.  So I stopped denigrating and became a little more open to these different ideas.  I watched Ender’s Game and a couple of other movies, a few tv shows, and of course the web, reading some, sci fi, a bit of hidden history, and watched and read news, following some stories deeper than others.  It is the mythology that I am looking for, I think, that binds people into strange groupings, and where a variety of mythologies are present, the paradigms get mixed.  Is Thor nicer than Mars, and is Mars different than Aries?

Who is the God of Economics?

Oh, What A Tangled Web

April 20, 2014
By bouzouki

In the USA money talks, corporations are people, too, and a man that kills a Boy Scout and sings praises to Hitler is a hater, but is he a terrorist?

In the Ukraine, the USA spent 5 billion dollars to help spread democracy, and spreads discontent anywhere else that needs it.

Apparently the USA should send in the clowns to Kansas City, or parts close by to help spread the seeds of democracy (thistles) or thorns.  It makes my head hurt.  Since the USA is protecting Afghani opium growers, I wonder if I can get some to relieve the pain.

The Great Disappointment

April 19, 2014
By ichabod
The Great  Disappointment

The Guardian, one newspaper that dared defy governments and publish what they did not want others to know.

Today the Guardian published an interview with James Mitchell, the psychologist who helped the CIA implement torture procedures.  As interesting as the article itself are the comments.

I do not see any difference between the words attributed to James Mitchell than those defendants at the Nuremberg trials after World War Two.

How can a country point its fingers at other nations and attempt to justify itself as a moral authority when the disease of evil has set in?  What sets it apart from nations it criticizes?





Who Cares About 1914?

April 18, 2014
By bouzouki

In 1914 the coal miners of Colorado went on strike.  I think they wanted someone other than the owner’s scale to weigh their coal as it came from the mine.  They did want an eight hour day.  Imagine that!?!  Then somebody, Pinkerton’s men, the Militia, the goon and scab patrol, or just some boys lighting the way, killed 11 women and children.

Then the People That Really Matter got pissed about some royalty dying from a gunshot.  They had a contest over who could get more men to run into machine-gun fire.  But that was a little later.

NObody had a clue about what would happen next, in 1914.  We can look back there, and see it through the eyes of children whose parents were immigrants, or their grand parents were immigrants, and the land looked deserted until you got to California.  The problems of Europe were far away, but also close to the Serbs, mining next to a Mexican, or Cornish, or Italian, or Swede, or American, if they had to go that low, to mine coal, next to the Rocky Mountains, and where the goldmine owners didn’t want the unions in.  It is next to nowhere when you find yourself living in an isolated place, a mountain, or a canyon, near a mine or near a train stop.

What was 1914 about in Holland, or New York City, or California?

100 years is enough to make someone believe in progress, especially if we ignore history.  It is not only that with more people, there are more to kill, but we have really learned ways to kill, and which are sanctioned for killing.  In 1914, a small part of the story was about coal.  ”Killing miners so you can be dependent on coal, forever”.  The big story was “Killing soldiers so we can continue killing soldiers”.

I look at the debris of WWI and see our present dangling from one of those quantum strings.  Actually, there are quite a few connections, for me to try to see that far back.  but I look at someone becoming an adult and hearing that the economic market rules.  Upton Sinclair wrote about the conditions as a laborer back in the decades of Victorian and Progressive Eras, and we can follow the dots through WWII into my lifetime, but as I realize most of the people alive do not know or care to understand the past beyond their lifetime, and do know or care to know what all is present as determined by a past that gave us all this.  Of course, that is nothing when I think of people talking about  ”The War” and meaning  The Civil War in America.  It is amazing how many humans have been killed since then, by war.  And we are trying to over populate the place more than ever.  What if we had to live like it was 1914?

Mila 18 -Via Con Dios

April 17, 2014
By ichabod
Mila 18 -Via Con Dios

Mila 18 is the title of a book written many years ago by author Leon Uris.  It is a story which starts with the Polish/Jewish captain of a football team who eventually ends up in the Warsaw Ghetto.  The story hit home.  The Germans and their allies slaughtered about 12 million one way or the other, about half of them Jews and the rest were anyone else they thought was better off not being alive.

Today, I read this,

This is the 21st Century, people worldwide are connected through FaceBook, Google, NSA and CIA and they are pulling off the same stunts in the Ukraine they did less than a century ago.

We are all brothers and sisters, belonging to the human race.  What difference is it what ethnicity, color, religion or status a person has?

I don’t believe it, but at the same time I do.  I am glad I read Mila 18.  I saw the movie Schindlers List, and as good as it was, I didn’t want to see it again as it was brutal and we know life can be more dramatic than film.

Something like this is a call to arms as it is evil incarnate.  Whoever is responsible will not win in the final outcome, although legions may suffer and die if this is allowed to continue.  The Swastika is still honored by enough to cause real harm.

To those in the Ukraine, via con Dios, you will need it.


About This Writing …

April 17, 2014
By bouzouki

For those old enough, the world is not what it was, that is the nature of being in time, but the present is also not like the portrayed future that we thought we were getting.  If Ichabod stayed rich, I would never have written a comment,  If I stayed healthy, I would be at work, not writing to avoid going outside to dig. (Clint Eastwood stares that glinting stare, “There’s two kind of people…”"and those who dig.” I’m one that has to dig I guess.)

If 100 years ago, nobody shot somebody, it would all be different, now.  We have histories of lives and events, including movies, and newspapers, and there are numerous accounts that are false, just as there are accounts that carry honest observations, all biased, by one thing or another, but with so many people telling the story, it is hard to keep the story straight.  And if the story stayed true to one idea or another, we might accept it as the way it was, and we call it history.

The events of the present are like history, except not all the points of view are in, so the history is more the shrill story of what is happening by whom for some reason, kind of like “Remember the Maine”, and a war came about, then another one came, then another one, then another one came and all that time for the 97 years of my mother’s life, she watched the history of her world, and tried to tell it, but it came out in pieces.  How to make sense of a technological world when you were born into an agricultural life, became a nurse, got married and had kids.  How many stories are like that, huh?

We imagine a future much like we imagine the past, although the past has more clues, if you are willing to dig.  Can we imagine what the future brings?  Just like a Western, I reckon!  What could go wrong with a present like this?  Gardening seems silly to many, but in a world of such certainty…Everything is fine as long as Russia doesn’t get involved in Ukraine like we have,…oil tanker leaves Libya, but doesn’t pay the check…, polio in Africa, more activists killed fighting for peasant land rights…, funny storms, people killing people, and a constant chorus of the litany of who is the enemy, so, pick a side.  When we are energy independent, we might not like what that means.

So, I want to make a mockery of the mockery!  As I pray to the God of empty space, like seeing the stars without a nearby light, there is more than meet the eyes.  The military will not audit their books, can’t stand to have that starlight sparkle.  Protecting bankers from the largest gulag, except, of course, we know everyone in jail is guilty.  False flag operations, criminal operations, government operations, special operations, business interests, sultan’s interest, banker and financier interest, and because it is not all a house of cards, it will ever go forth into the future of progress, without a plastic bag to be blown in our way.

One day, long ago, we beached our rafts near limestone full of fossils.  A friend looked at them and asked, “Do they still live in the river?”  Laugh, and then say, those are fossils of the past, this time, it is smart humans at the controls, we’ve got everything under control, we own this world.

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